The official news release, from December, 1997:

Itís over. Done. Cooked. After four years of rawk, Poledo have called it quits and are breaking up. The last licensed show in Toronto will be Wednesday, December 17th 1997 at the Rivoli as part of the Hot Lunch Tour featuring fellow Torontonians Pecola and Smallmouth. Members Dave Capogna, Joshua Malinsky, and Mitch Roth will continue to pursue music, both on their own and together in various other projects.

Poledoís official releases included two independent cassettes, a CD on Sonic Unyon Records, a 7-inch on Squirtgun Records, and a track on the compilation More Of Our Stupid Noise, originally released on Squirtgun Records but soon to be released worldwide on the Nettwerk label.

The band plans on having a final all-ages rawk blow-out in Toronto sometime in January 1998, and will keep everyone informed so they can catch the last show, which will include a set of everything the band has done including about 8 songs that had yet to be recorded.

Poledo would like to graciously thank all the fans, writers and press in Canada and elsewhere who helped spread the good word and supported them through the years. Youíll hear from the members again soon!

We still plan on continuing this site as an archive and we'll get it completed soon. We now have the video to "Herskin" available on the internet in streaming video. And check it out - the limited-release "The Poledo Demos" is up in its entirety using .mp3 audio files. Burn your own Poledo CD!    

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