Hey, I programmed my own WWW page!!!

Ok, so this might be kinda lame compared to Joshua's "Web Mastery", but as they say at McDonald's: "I'm new, and I'm trying"... joe cool

I am Mitch, who the !@#% are you?

I play guitar & share the vocal duties in Poledo

My Gear (it's not much... but it gets the job done)

guitar: Gibson 1977 Les Paul Custom (blk w/gold trim) pedals: Boss Super Feedbacker/Distortion... Sovtek Big Muff II... Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah. amp: Traynor Tube Amp (the same one used in my high school band... we actually bought it for $100 from our music teacher in 1987. We used to run bass, keyboards? and vocals thru it...AND IT STILL RAWKS!)

kinder good!I am compelled to let everyone know just how obsessed i am with collecting KINDER EGGS! At present, I have over 100 Kinder-Toys neatly scattered around my bedroom. Keep checking my page for polaroids of my prized collection, coming soon!

I've noticed recently that there is some confusion about who sings & appears in the video for Hayden's song "Take". I have come across some posts on sloan.net by some people who are convinced that it's me, however (regrettably) it is not. In fact at the time that song was recorded, I had only ever tried singing in the shower (with nobody else home). The geek who deserves the credit is our pal Noah Mintz (hHead) with whom I have shared similar haircuts through the years (1996 being an exception).

Well, this was my first effort at building a web page & I'm eager to get it on-line already, so here ya go. I'll be adding more stuff here frequently so come back McSoon!

Send Mitch some E-mail! mitch_roth@hotmail.com

Qui est Joshua?

Qui est Dave?

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