On Guitar?!?
photo by the supra-great Yael Staav.
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Joshua Malinsky - Poledo

Alrighty! I know that I don't play guitar in Poledo but I got sick of seeing an old picture of me when my hair was dyed blonde/red (my only time ever in my life i've done that thankfully), so I replaced it with the only music-related scan I have, and it's of me playing guitar. So yeah, I play bass in Poledo and I split the vocal duties with none other than Señor Meech Roth from Iguantos Lahara, Mexico. I can't quite overhaul my description: I have a B.A. Honors in Psychology from York University, and I started Poleedoh with Mitch in my fourth and final year. Of course my present job, Heliotron, has nothing to do with my degree really but I'm still interested in psychology. I get the mail at poledo@idirect.com so feel free to drop me a line. If you've been here recently, you know that my new thingy here on my webpage is going to be a personally chosen and arbitrary favorite website of the week. This time it's:

Ontario Parks

Yep, I love taking advantage of the summer by relaxing (I'm a pro at that) in the awe-inspiring settings of Mother Nature. This site is great because you can check out all the Provincial Parks before finding one you like and heading up. And pick up your garbage!

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