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secret fact: this isn't the real cover Buzz Muffin ------ 9 song cassette released in April 1994, independently.
a popular sticker for a while Let Up ------ 7 song cassette released in August 1994, independently. Later picked up by Sonic Unyon Records. More info available soon.
get burned There, You ------ 12 song CD released in December 1995 on Sonic Unyon Records.
really stupid noise More Of Our Stupid Noise ------ Contribution of song to CD of various artists, released in August 1996 on Squirtgun Records and distributed in the U.S. by SubPop.
45 RPM Lunar Landing Confirmed ------ Split 7" vinyl released in September 1996 on Squirtgun Records.
Would It Have Been Their Next Record?? The Poledo Demos ------ 6 song cassette released at the last Poledo show, independently. NOW AVAILABLE ENTIRELY IN .MP3'S!!!!

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