Blow Up Real Good!

"The Poledo Demos"

Released January 1998 independently, code pol-003.

This cassette was released at the final Poledo show, in January 1998. It contains demos of songs that were probably going to appear on the second full-length Poledo CD (which never came to be). Because of the interest in this recording, we have decided to make the entire Poledo Demos available via .mp3 files. These files have been encoded at a high-bitrate, approximating CD-quality (but not quite). Therefore, they are large files (4 to 5 MB per song). We do, however, encourage the spread of these files in any way you see fit. Feel free to burn your own CD's, etc.

Click on the song title while holding down the SHIFT key to save the .mp3 to your computer:

Side One Side Two
Pedestal *
Something or Nothing
Feel Well

* Pedestal recorded April '96 at The Gas Station, Toronto by Dale Morningstar.

Tracks 2 thru 6 were recorded March '97 on 8-track with the aid of Hayden Desser.
Mixed by Mitch and Joshua.

Mastered by Noah Mintz, January 22 '98 with help from Jedi.

Thank You to everyone who came out to the shows.

All songs written and recorded by Poledo, ©1998 Poledo. SOCAN.

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